When you are in the midst of planning your wedding, it can be very exciting, however, it is those unexpected moments that make it that make that much more memorable.  Even the most prepped and prepared bride can’t see every slider coming her way.  Here are some wedding planning tips that can help minimize the amount of surprises you may encounter. 

More Wedding Planning 
Regardless of the style of wedding whether it is elegant or casual, they still require that attention to the finest detail.  The type of centerpieces or the fabric of the chair covers are of no consequence if you have not selected the appropriate one’s for you.  Your entertainment and menu should also have just as much attention as the type of stones in your centerpieces. 
The common mistake that most brides make is thinking that the casual wedding doesn’t take as much planning as a more formal one. 
All you do is talk WEDDING talk
Every conversation you have with your friends and family is dominated by your wedding.  This may leave your support group somewhat fatigued about hearing every detail by what is on your brain. 
Solution:  It is perfectly ok to be excited by your wedding, just don’t expect everyone you talk to share in that same level of excitement as you may have.  The best advice is spread your circle of support out wider so that you can talk equally with everyone about different aspects of your wedding.  This will help ensure that they won’t get so tired, so quickly. 
Your Pictures should Explain your Feel
You can classify your wedding as classic, chic, trendy or traditional.  You should know exactly what you want and communicate that feel to your wedding planner so it shows in the pictures.  This will prevent any confusion down the road. 
Solution:  Every detail from the smallest to the largest ones should be photographed.  You may want to make up a vision board that will illustrate what you are envisioning for your day. 

Stress = Tears
You are going to feel stress, and that may lead to tears long before you walk down the aisle.  You may be told you preferred venue is booked or your cater is to expensive.  These things can lead to tears.  Even discussing the bridesmaid’s gowns can lead to stressing you out and may even have your bridesmaids hate you. 
Solution:  Let the tears flow.  You have to get it out.  Better out than in.  Once you get those tears out, you may want to chill on the wedding planning for a couple of days. 
Simple Moments can be Huge Tear Jerkers
Seeing the ring bearer in his little tuxedo, or seeing your mom before the ceremony in your gown can easily produce tears.  These are special memories that will always be with you.
Solution:  Simply treasure the moment and make it last as long as you can. 
You will bump heads with your Groom
It may come down to something like the music selections that him and his friends don’t like.  Or maybe he doesn’t think the wedding colors are manly enough. 
Solution:  Consider your groom when planning the wedding.  Even though he may not care about most of the details, still consider him in your planning.  After all, he is a huge reason this day was even possible.  Let him feel he is important and value his input. 
Groom’s level of Involvement
Mostly everything in the planning of the wedding from tasting the cake to selecting the first song may not interest the groom at all.  Don’t take this as him not wanting to be a part of the big day. 
Solution:  Be sure to discuss the his level of engagement before you start making preparations.  Remember that he wanted to be your husband for life, not the wedding planner.  So please proceed with caution.  You know your mate.  Don’t equate his love for you from his level of involvement or lack there of. 
The Groom cares, but not the way you do
Many grooms only care about a few things when it comes to planning the details of the wedding.  It could be something as simple as something on the menu or a particular drink served at the bar.  Acknowledge his request and make it special for him. 
Solution:  If by chance you have a groom that wants to be involved, divide the list of things to do by allowing him to be in charge of somethings or do the things he is most interested in. 
Expect Some Unexpected Expenses
Prepare to have some type of expense to appear literally out of nowhere.  Even if you are the best planner, you will accrue an unexpected cost.  If you have a an outside wedding, it may rain so tents can pop out of nowhere. 
Solution:  Every wedding budget should include 10% for unexpected cost.  This will come in handy when those pop up cost come out of nowhere. 
Everyone will Give you their opinion of your wedding
You may have been warned about the DJ you were going to hire by one of your friends.  Maybe your niece says that the colors you chose, clash with her skin tone.  Remember, IT’S YOUR CHOICE.
Solution:  Stand your ground.  It’s your wedding so you should do what makes you happy, period end of story. 

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