1. Shot Station

3. Food Trucks

The only way to ensure that all that liquor will stay down is with food.  So why not get a food truck?  People will remember 3 things about your wedding, the dress, the entertainment and the food.  Get a couple of different food trucks right outside your venue.  Your guests will definitely declare your wedding was the BEST!  How could they not?

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4. Hire a Professional DJ

Fact:  The DJ will either make or break your wedding reception.  So you want to make sure you select a professional DJ that knows how to work the microphone and keep the dance floor packed.  A DJ that knows how to manage the flow of the reception will also know how to move your guests because they will “read” the crowd.  If your entertainment sucks, what will keep people to stay?

5. Confetti Drop

There is good news and bad news about confetti.  The good news is almost everyone will love the confetti drop, the bad news is except for the one that cleans up the confetti.  The other great news is it is super cheap and it has a lasting effect.  If you want to take it to the next level, you can use fresh flower petals or balloons, the choice is up to you.

A rose petal drop is an incredibly romantic ‘wow’ moment your guests will remember long after your wedding day has passed.

6. Get Some Props

Oversized sunglasses, feather boas and beads are inherently fun, but when combined with a few margaritas (see above), these props are even better. They’re also great for kids in attendance!

7. Hire a Photo Booth Company

It’s important for a wedding reception to have one attraction or ‘wow’ factor and a photo booth is a good option. This will be more expensive than your DIY selfie station, but photo booths have become incredibly popular.

Having a photo booth will add that “WOW” factor and give your guests something else to do.  If you hire a great photo booth company, they will provide an attendant, copies of the pictures, and props.

8. Flip-Flop Station

Attach tickets to the back of guests’ place cards and set up a flip-flop station to relieve tired feet. Your guests will love getting their new kicks and the dancing will continue long into the night.

If you want your guests to dance, offer some type of Flip-Flop Station to get people out of their uncomfortable shoes.  This will be a sure hit with your guests.

9. Live Entertainment

If you are wanting to push the envelope you can hire some live entertainment live flamethrowers, dancers, fireworks, magician etc.

Image result for flame twirler

10. A Nightclub

Keep your reception going long into the night with a chic lounge area beside the dance floor. Provide bottle service to guests and use the traditional nightclub sparklers when bringing bottles to the table. Your guests will love the special VIP attention!

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