Hello again everyone! Hope you all had a great week and are ready for more wedding ideas. Last week our post on the top hairstyles and makeup ideas from Pinterest got such an amazing response we are going to keep the trend going for the next few weeks as we discuss the best of best from Pinterest. This week I am posting several pictures of centerpieces that hopefully inspire you to think bold and beautiful for your wedding day!
1. Pink Floating Flower

2. Purple Flowers with Different Blue Vases

3. Rustic Tree Stump

4. Upside Down Wine Glasses

5. Elegant Clear Flower Vase

6. Hanging Flowers

7. Mason Jar with Baby’s Breath Flowers

8. Mason Jar with a Picture Inside

9. Floating Roses

10. Fruit Inside the Vase

11. Vases Wrapped with Twine

12. Mix of Flowers, Candles, and Jars



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