It’s always difficult to pinpoint what defined weddings in a certain year — after all, every wedding (and every couple) is different! But while vintage-inspired weddings have dominated for the last couple of years, 2014 seemed to welcome a more glamorous aesthetic. Here are some of the most creative décor ideas we saw in 2014.
Lamp-Inspired Centerpieces
A new trend emerged with centerpieces: the lamp centerpiece. This smart idea adds extra lighting to your reception tables without having to burn hundreds of candles. Draped in crystals and accented with flowers, they make an elegant choice for a modern wedding.


lamp inspired wedding centerpieces


lamp centerpieces

Ceremony Signs
Signs have never been more popular at weddings, and they’re not just used as fun photo props anymore. Display your favorite quote above the entrance to your ceremony aisle:

ceremony aisle sign

Or make a statement about how you feel on your wedding day:

best day every wedding sign


wedding ceremony sign

The Family Tree
Displaying family wedding photos has been a beloved tradition for years, but we love this couple’s literal interpretation of the family tree.

family tree wedding decor

Lighting Tricks
Instead of spending a fortune on a personalized aisle runner you’ll never use again, take advantage of lighting technology and project a custom image on a plain white runner.

illuminated wedding ceremony aisle runner

You can also use lighting to make an incredible backdrop for your wedding photos.

custom gobo light for wedding

Creative Seating
Long, rectangular reception tables are a popular choice, but that often means you’ll have to spend a fortune on centerpieces cascading down the middle of the table. That’s why we love this “X” setup instead — you can fit 30+ people at one table, with just one centerpiece in the middle!

creative wedding seating idea

Personalized Backdrops
More and more couples are taking engagement photos these days, but the question remains: what can you actually do with those pictures? This couple decided to turn them into an ultra-glam backdrop for their wedding reception.

personalized wedding backdrop with engagement photos

Unique Cake Displays
As cake designs have become more elaborate, the cake has turned into a gorgeous focal point of a wedding reception. Why not draw even more attention to your cake with an eye-catching table?
wedding cake table

wedding cake table with ruffled skirt

Funny Bar Signs
This was a year of free-flowing alcohol — so long, cash bars! Funny signs propped up at the bar encouraged guests to get their fill.

alcohol because no great story started with someone eating a salad

trust me you can dance vodka

Frozen Craze
Disney’s Frozen took over the world for the elementary school set this year, and while we haven’t seen any Frozen-themed weddings (yet?), this incredible bar is befitting of an ice princess.

ice bar

Petal Explosion
Your ceremony is the pinnacle of your wedding day, but it often gets overshadowed by the reception. That’s why we’ve fallen in love with the idea of doing something over-the-top right as you’re pronounced husband and wife — your guests will always remember that moment, instead of having your incredible dessert display being the only thing they’re talking about for weeks on end.

petal explosion at wedding ceremony

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