Weddings are always a fun way to bring together all the people that have shaped the lives of the newlyweds-to-be. Whether you’re getting married soon or photographing a wedding pictorial yourself, you’ll find 56 fresh ideas for poses, themes, props, and shots in this huge collection of creative wedding entourage photos.
Give it a few seconds to load, then scroll down, and get inspired with these wedding party images—from cute to quirky to dramatic.
1. Recreate The Beatles’ Abbey Road.

2. Do some light painting.

3. Instead of doing the overrated and overused jump shot, do a jump photo that mimics a time-lapse.

4. Bomb theme. Ask the bride to pose as if she is a ticking bomb, and then have the groom and groomsmen “explode” in mid-air. It’s all about perfect timing to capture a shot like this.

5. Shoot a bouquet toss from behind…

6. …Or shoot it from below.

7. Gather the bridesmaids, and capture a cute shoe toss in mid-air.

(It looks even cuter if the bridesmaids are wearing tuxedoes.)

8. Cinephile? Shoot your wedding pictorials in a movie theater.

9. Horror film fan? Do a “‘Til Death Do Us Part” zombie-themed pictorial or engagement shoot. Ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to dress up as the walking dead!

10. Or shoot your pictorial in a dramatic post-apocalyptic-inspired abandoned location.

11. Capture reflections of the group in your photo, a twist on traditional entourage portraits.

12. Emphasize the clouds and wide skies.

13. Huddle up with the groomsmen and bridesmaids, then shoot from below.

14. Color-coordinated outfits that match the dominant color of the pictorial location or wedding venue will boost your entourage photos.

15. Elegant wedding pictorial theme idea: The Great Gatsby

16. Another elegant theme idea: Set your pictorials in a library.

17. Play with compositions when photographing the bride and her bridesmaids during wedding prep.

Or the groom with his groomsmen:

18. Use mirrors when photographing wedding prep moments.

19. A creative way to use mirrors during wedding reception and also for pictorials.

20. Add a pop of color with candy, an alternative to posing with floral bouquets.

21. Adding colorfully-dressed bridesmaids and groomsmen to a traditional kissing shot can lighten the mood of a too-cheesy or too-serious pose.

22. Whether it’s a camper van or a boat, matching your wedding ride with your outfits will make your photos colorful.

23. Recreate the movie, The Godfather.

24. Don’t forget to capture all the candid moments before the ceremony and after the reception. Most times, they are more heartfelt and dramatic than posed shots.

25. Superhero-themed groomsmen garb and poses for geeky weddings.

26. If you’re going to edit and manipulate your images with special effects, then why not go all out with the drama and add in a cool dinosaur?

27. Or add and edit an insane twister into your shot!

28. Smoke and dust particles make cool special effects.

29. While we’re on the subject of adding special effects to your shots, how about a Star Wars-themed pictorial? (You might want to choose a May the 4th wedding date.)

30. Or go for a subtle special effect, like spelling out, “LOVE” out of water splashes.

31. Groomsmen all lined up with the groom, striking Kung Fu poses.

32. Bridesmaids in boots will give any rustic-themed pictorial a bit of attitude.

33. Thinking of doing a Trash The Dress session? Why not invite the maid of honor?

34. Funny “last woman standing” pictorial theme.

35. Is it raining on your wedding day? Try shots like these with umbrellas.

36. Snowing on your wedding day? Give it a supporting role in your pictorials.

37. Don’t forget to photograph the little ones in the entourage.

38. Grab candid shots of the flower girls…

39. …and the ring bearers.

40. Low on wedding florals and bouquets? Have your bridesmaids stand against a dramatic wall of flowers, a garden, or a manicured porch with lots of blooms.

41. Flower crowns for the bride and bridesmaids instead of carrying bouquets will give your images a modern bohemian twist.

42. Getting married in October, the month of Halloween? Try a masquerade-themed pictorial.

43. Bride and groom hurrying away from the wedding party, shot from above.

44. Sports-themed entourage pictorial ideas can also double as a fun group activity.

45. Quirky “balancing act” wedding group action shot.

46. Ask your flower girl or ring bearer to join in the fun.

47. Forget that they’re wearing gowns. Explore and capture the fun, playful side of a bride and her bridesmaids.

48. You can even recreate the movie poster for Bridesmaids.

49. Photograph the groom doing something crazy with the best man…

50. …and don’t forget to photograph the groom’s other furrier best man!

51. Classroom-themed pictorials are perfect for high school or college sweethearts.

52. Line up the wedding entourage for a romantic walk in the woods.

53. Faking a photobomb with your wedding party will add a twist and a sense of humor to traditional kissing shots.

54. Shoot in a historic venue to match an elegant entourage pictorial.

55. Balloons add a pop of playfulness and color to any photo.

56. Post-reception pictorial idea: Forget a confetti toss. Gather your party around, pop open a bottle of champagne, and capture it. Then apply a bokeh effect.

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