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Every great wedding has a lively dance floor, and dancing the night away with dear friends and long-lost relatives is often one of the best parts of saying “I do.” But what about guests who don’t want to dance — or aren’t able to? How can they have all-night fun at your wedding?
We have a few suggestions below for ways to keep your guests entertained all night — and reminiscing about the BEST. WEDDING. EVER. long into the future.
1. Have board games scattered throughout the room
This is a fun option to offer alongside traditional dancing entertainment: Guests can take a spin on the dance floor, then relax for a game of Chutes & Ladders, and non-dancers can make the rounds playing every game at the reception.

outdoor checkers

2. Send your guests on a scavenger hunt
They’ll learn more about you — and each other! Place a game card at each guest’s reception seat, and watch conversation flow. Even better, design a photo scavenger hunt and give guests a list of pictures to snap at your reception.

wedding i spy

3. Set up a karaoke booth
Be sure you have a videographer on hand to capture every silly song!

bride and groom singing at wedding

4. Rent a slow-motion video booth
We promise you won’t regret it! The results are endlessly entertaining, and you’ll love watching your friends’ videos again and again.

wedding photo booth

5. Indulge in lawn games
If you’re having a daytime wedding, set up volleyball, badminton and tennis on a big lawn, and be sure your dress code is casual.

outdoor games at wedding

6. Gamble a little
Have a Monte Carlo-themed wedding and gamble (not for real, of course!) with your friends and family.

wedding favor playing cards

7. Have a dance-off
Bring out every guest’s inner child with a room full of video games! Choose interactive games, such as Guitar Hero, Just Dance, and Rock Band, and guests of all ages will have a great time.

wedding guests dancing

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