The very reason you have a wedding in the first place is to share the love that you have for your future spouse with your friends and family.  Since you are sharing this with your friends and family, prepare for their complaints before your wedding.  Doing this will help you avoid those complaints after your wedding is over.

Pay Attention to the Date
Of course your wedding is a very, very, very big deal.  Your friends and family should be not only thrilled to share in your wedding experience, they should also be considered.  Their time is just a big a deal to them as your time is to you.  Planning holiday weddings is not a great way to get your guests on your side.  Avoid scheduling your wedding around Christmas or even the Super Bowl.  You are essentially asking your friends and family to stop their traditions in order to share in your big day.
K.eep I.t S.imple S.tupid
Be very specific with your language.  If you are inviting someone please be sure it is clear whether or not they can bring someone with them.  That last thing you want is to avoid is unexpected guests throwing off your “numbers”.  Invite specifically who you are wanting to attend your wedding by listing their names.  Also make your call to action clear.  Please respond by this date if you plan to attend.  If for some reason an unexpected guest happens to show up, please, please handle it very tactfully.
The Guest Lists
A common complaint amongst wedding guest is that there are too many guests for the size of the venue.  If people are not able to move about freely and comfortably, then you are in for some complaints.  Harvest your guest list and know exactly how many people your venue can hold comfortably.  If your guests list is larger than your venue can hold, then you may need to consider get a larger venue.
Ca$h Bar is a No, No
The biggest complaint among wedding guests is a cash bar.  Guests HATE paying for their drinks.  If you invited your guests to your home, would you not provide their drinks for them?  If money is an issue, limit the bar to just beer and wine and a couple signature drinks.  This will lighten the financial load off of you some.
Guest Hate four Letters, NO AC
If you are planning a summer wedding, make sure you have AC.  The idea of getting married in an old church may have an appealing sentimental aspect, but guest hate being uncomfortable.  Comfort for your guest is a great way that they will be able to enjoy themselves.  If you are looking for a specific look for your pictures, then just trying taking pictures in that location.  Have the ceremony in a cool comfortable spot.
Venues are on opposite ends of the City
It is ok to have your ceremony in one place and reception in another…  only if they are less than a 30 minute drive apart.  Driving too far is sure to get your guests in a bad mood especially if they traveled from out of town.  The best advice to you is try to have everything in one location.  This cuts down confusion, people getting lost and most of all, travel time.  If you do have separate venues, arrange transportation for your guest, if at all possible.
Too much idle time between the Ceremony and Reception
Typically, the wedding party takes pictures between the ceremony and reception.  This is perfectly fine.  However, you should keep your guest in mind while you are taking pictures.  They should have a place to go to with drinks and some type of entertainment while they are waiting for your arrival.  Cocktail hour is a great buffer between the ceremony and reception.  Keep it at an hour, otherwise your guest may get anxious.
Horrible Wedding Food
The last thing you want to hear from one of your guests is that the food was bad or there wasn’t enough food.  Have your wedding planner or family member test the food before it comes out.  Hopefully before you selected your venue or cater, you have sampled their food and know exactly what you are getting before hand.  The other thing is that you ran out of food.  Your guests should not spend money on your wedding gift and go home hungry.

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