1. The Venue
Your options for venues for your wedding reception are literally with out end.  You can do anything from a restaurant to a barn.  Choosing to have a ceremony at a private home or renting a high rise apartment are great ways to treat yourself.


2. The White Dress
The tradition of the white wedding dress became popular around the 19th century.  So what did brides wear before that you ask?  They typically wore their best dress they had.  White back in that time was seen as impractical and something that wealthy people wore.  It is really OK if you decide to wear something other than white.  In fact, getting married in a scarlet red evening gown is a custom practiced by some Indian brides.  Don’t allow tradition to styme your choices of color for your wedding dress.


3. Not Seeing Each Other Before The Ceremony
Most brides and grooms follow the tradition of not seeing one another before the actually ceremony.   You may want to consider seeing your better half before your ceremony.  It will allow you to calm your nerves, take away the “jitters”, share a special moment, take wedding pictures.  The last reason is actually the best reason to see your spouse.  It frees up SO MUCH time after the wedding if you take pictures before hand.


4. The Veil 
A fashionable alternative to a veil is a crystal headband. These hair accessories are statement pieces with minimal fuss and look great on cropped styles.


5. Something Blue
You have always heard have something blue.  Brides typically have goine for something that was a small heirloom or some type of jewelry.  Another idea is instead of keeping that something blue hidden, you can choose to display it prominently like with your color of shoes.

Four Seasons Lanai Hawaii Wedding by Rebecca Arthurs

6. Father Walking The Bride Down The Aisle 
Having your father walk you down the aisle is a lovely tradition, but one that doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. Throw the tradition out and have both parents walk you down the aisle, and if you don’t like the rather antiquated idea of being ‘given away’, then make the aisle walk alone!
Some people enjoy having their father walk them down the aisle and give them away.  That tradition can be thrown out and you can have both of your parents walk you down the aisle or you can do it all by yourself if you so choose.


7. The White Tiered Cake 
As hard as it is to  believe, not everyone is a fan of wedding cake. If you’re not a cake fan or just not into the cutting of the cake moment, there are many alternatives. A tiered ‘cheese’ cake replicates the look without the sugar and gluten!


8. Traditional Ceremony Seating
A lot of weddings are held different places of worship.  With traditonal places comes traditional seating like rows of chairs.  Changing the chair decor will brighten up the room and add some style if you have mismatched furniture like below.  Great idea if you are having a backyard or outdoor wedding.



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