Balloons can trigger memories from your past birthday parties, proms, homecoming, and other important yet festive events.  You can go for a huge pop of color using different color balloons, or you can use some gentle pastel colors which happen to be the “in” thing for this season.  You may even choose to decorate your balloons with stars, flowers or even glitter.  You will be hard pressed to find a guest that did love the balloon ideas.  Check out some ideas below.  Enjoy!


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Charleston, SC Wedding styled shoot photographed by Gillian Ellis Photography

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15vintage-gold-wedding-dessert-table-decor wedding-ceremony-sign-and-balloonsBalloon-filled-San-Fran-e-sesh balloon-save-the-date-ideas

Balloon-table-numbers Balloon-wedding-decor Balloon-Wedding-Décor-Ideas


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