If you are into reality shows, then you might think that being a “Bridezilla” is acceptable but this attitude is sure to turn your vendors off. Some vendors for weddings may even have a “get rid of them” policy if you just so happen to be “one of those brides.”

The best way to deal with your vendors is to be respectful of them, so that you can receive the best service possible. Vendors do communicate with one another.  So if you get dropped by one vendor, you may find that other vendors are “unavailable” for that day.
Here are three useful yet simple tips in this article. These tips are to help you better understand the perspective of the vendor and what they must deal with.
Vendors Need to Prove Themselves
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You should select your vendor based on the research you have done looking over their references and portfolios.   Please don’t make your vendor prove their worthiness by “jumping through hoops”.  You are paying for a service.  And the only way to “judge” service is based on their previous service.
By making someone “jump through hoops” only proves that the vendor can, do just that, “jump through hoops”. This approach says nothing about the quality of the services that you are paying them for.   If by chance the vendor doesn’t appear to be holding up their end of the agreement, please approach them about the issue like an adult and work to solution. It is your wedding and you may be emotional about it which is completely understandable.  But you don’t want your raw emotions to come across as mean or rude.
The only way a vendor can know you are not happy is to say just that. Just remember they are human and please be respectful of them as you would want anyone to be respectful of you in your line of business.
Don’t Insist On the Vendor Changing Their Contract Just for You
There is a possibility that you may not like some of the provisions of the vendor’s agreement. It would be better to negotiate and get it changed.  Insisting they change their contract is most likely going to upset that vendor.
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You may want to ask them if they are willing to compromise on some of the provisions you find to be a problem. Please don’t flip out on them if they don’t do exactly what you want.  At this point you will have to make a decision if the provision is something you can live with, if not then you need to find a vendor that will be able to meet your needs.
Please be polite and keep your cool. You can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.
Expecting Greatness for Next to Nothing
The pricing a vendor charges has a lot of different factors that may be completely unseen to you. Most people just go with the “basic” service that a particular vendor offers and expects to receive all the “extras” that come with paying for a more expensive service.  Expecting to get more than what you have paid for is a sure fire way to create a problem with your vendor.
Do you go into your local grocery store and expect them to give you more simply because you chose to shop in their store?
Would you be ok if your boss gave you triple the work without a pay increase of any kind?  If you want all the bells and whistles then there is going to be a higher price associated with that.  Now within reason, I’m sure your vendor will try to “work” with you the best way they can.
Another thing to keep in mind is if the wedding site is far from the vendor’s location or outside of regular wedding times, then you should expect to pay some type of premium for those types of services.

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