How to stop referral spam
Hi, I’m Brian Graves the owner and operator Party Pros a local DJ company in St. Louis Missouri. And first off thank you so much for tuning into our YouTube channel. The reason why you’re here is you want to find out how to stop referral spam.
And the first thing I can tell you is we contacted Google this is the way per Google to stop referral spam. Me and my business manager Dwayne, he is actually filming right now we well over a year trying to figure out how to stop well we nicknamed him leeches, how to stop these people from messing up your Google analytics.
Google has given us the cure for it so. Long story short. I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it.  Exactly what Google told us to do. So the first thing you want to do well were using a Mac so either PC or Mac whatever you’re using.  So just go to your web browser.  And then go into Google.  Be sure you’re signed into your Google gmail account. and then I just search for Google Analytics.  I go there a lot so it comes up automatically.
Click on Google Analytics.  Click right here.  And the next thing you need to do is sign into your Google analytics.  Since you’re already signed in your Gmail account just click on that. Click on the Google analytics button right here.  And then click on the website.  And then were in the analytics now.  And let’s see here.  You can see our Google analytics is working perfectly.  Everything is working great.  But the way that we fix that was you want to click on the admin button.  Right here.
Then you want to go to all filters right here and make sure that you have your website clicked. We have Party Pros which is the website that were working with. And then your going to click this red button right here that says add filter.  We’re just going to pretend that we just clicked add filter. And then under the filter information here. It says filter name you can name this whatever you want I just named it spam. Then under the filter type. You want to click on predefined. And what we were doing before is excluding each domain right here.
But what Google said is don’t exclude each one individually just include the so when you include that anybody that is trying come into your website from another site is going to be excluded out so I’m I thought it was really brilliant that they came up with this basically what you need to do is just click include and then you click host name and then under the filter pattern now this is the key.
I don’t know if you can see this I’m gonna turn my computer. I just want to make sure that you guys can see this. This is the key right here you have to do this exactly like they said to do it. this is what Google told me to do. There’s a period, asterix sign, your website obviously ours is partyprostogo\.com.* then basically just save it.  You click save here and that’s all you have to do in a couple months that your Google analytics will be working perfectly and you will not have anymore problems with her for a spam. Please leave your comments at the bottom of the page on our YouTube channel and please do us a favor and share it. So if you could do us a favor please like Party Pros Facebook fan page and like that as well will put a link at the bottom of the page. Thanks for your time and have a great day.