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What companies offer karaoke DJ’s?  Party Pros has been DJ’ing karaoke for as long as we have been in business.  Above all, karaoke is not only being able to DJ but being able to control the levels on the music as well as the microphones.

First of all, every singer is different.  In contrast, some singers sing very loud, and others not so much.  Understanding this simple yet complex thing makes all the difference in your karaoke.  Consequently, not all karaoke DJ’s are created equal.

Another thing to remember about karaoke is the selections of songs.  Karaoke music is expensive.  With that said it is very important to make sure that the music is also legal.

Having a library of over 50,000 songs that is completely legal is very, very rare these days.  Most Karaoke DJ’s may have the same amount of songs but are the legal?

If one were to DJ karaoke music and they got caught doing it with illegal music, the fines can be very, very expensive.  In some cases, over $25,000.

Rather than taking a chance on something like that, Party Pros has ensured that our library is 100% legal and compliant with industry standards.

Most of all we provide two microphones for karaoke, just in case you want to do a duet.

Party Pros likes to ensure that our clients and guests are having the best time possible singing songs that they love and enjoy.  We hope that we can make your next karaoke party a smash.

In conclusion, please check out our links below for our current music listings of songs.  These songs are the ones we have in our catalog.  Our catalog is updated monthly to account for any new songs.  Please email or call us to check availability for your karaoke party! 

Party Pros Karaoke Music Catalog

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