Photo Booth

Party Pros Photo Booth

Photo booths and parties are simply a perfect match.  Photo booths are exploding in popularity throughout the country because they are SO MUCH FUN!  The resulting pictures can be amazing, sometimes even PRICELESS.

The concept is very simple.  Party Pros Photo Booth comes with an attendant, DSLR Camera, software, printer, props and fun! Guests are invited into a booth, where pictures are taken at timed intervals.  A minute or two later, our Canon Pro 9000 with 10 ink cartridge, prints the most beautiful high quality photos.  Custom logo footers are printed on each strip designed with our software designed for a DSLR camera.

We are not your typical photo booth company.  Our booths are professionally designed and will make your event one to remember.  Fun is our name.  Party Pros photo booth brings the fun to your wedding with our over the top props.  Fun will be had be all that dare to step inside the Party Pros photo booth.  You will have access to view all photos of the people that love you so much being silly and having a blast!

We proudly offer the most elegant yet versatile digital photo booths featuring studio quality pictures and lots of unique features that you will not find in any other photo booths. It’s time to take your party to the next level!

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