What do you think about couples seeing each other and doing pictures before the ceremony?

There is not a right nor wrong answer to this question.  Every person is different and so are their weddings.  No two people are alike and nor should their weddings.
Some folks will promote the “traditional” belief of it being bad luck or that it is some how blasphemous for the groom to see the bride before hand.  The opposite end of the “traditional” belief is that such traditions are connected to the days when marriages were arranged and virgin brides were sold to older men.  This is tradition is the truth.  This was a tactic used to keep the old men from deciding a bride was not worth the price was going to pay and keep from backing out.

For any bride that chooses to wait to see their groom when for the first time when they are walking down the aisle is more than respectable.  As a wedding professional, here are some reasons you may consider seeing each other before the ceremony.
1. You still get the aisle experience.  More times than not, the bride is concerned with losing the WOW factor of her groom seeing her before she walks down the aisle.  This particular moment is not lost.  In fact the concept is you walk down the aisle single and walk back together as a unit.  The fact that he’s seen you before the ceremony does not change the fact that you are man and wife.  The emotion is still there.
2. Nerves.  Brides have often told communicated that they are super nervous and anxious until they see their future husband.  Seeing your other half will remove those nerves and reassure you that you are doing the right thing.
3. Enjoy the moment alone together.   Seeing each other before hand will allow you to have chat, touch, or kiss which is something that you wouldn’t be able to do  in front of your family, friends and co workers all watching.  You and your better half can share in the feelings you may have together.  Maybe a laugh, hug, kiss or cry will make both of you feel better about walking down the aisle.
4. Get to the party sooner.  The upside to seeing each other before the wedding is you get to take pictures which means you have more time to party at the reception.  Doing pictures afterwards leaves less time for you to spend with your guests.
5. Photos.  If taking photos is a top priority  on your wedding day, then it is highly recommended that you take them before the wedding.   Having more time on  your wedding day is worth more than gold.  This gives you more time to drive to a different location, a wider array of shots and you would be more relaxed.
6. Spend the day with each other.  The reality of your wedding day is that you and your groom are hosting a HUGE  party.  Everyone there is there to see you!
7. Get away from the stress.  Typically the hours before the wedding are the most stressful.  Taking pictures then that leaves you out of the mix.  These things always work themselves out before the wedding anyway.
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