If you haven’t heard of a Slow Motion Video Booth, you have been missing out.  Slow Motion Video Booth is similar to a photo booth except you are being recorded.  When you step in the booth you have 7 seconds to act has crazy, goofy and as silly as you possibly can.  We would have all the correct props to look good in slow motion.

The concept is pretty simple, everyone that enters the booth for those 7 seconds will end up on the final cut.  We take all the clips from the event and edit it over music.  Now you have your own personalized music video starring you and your friends and family.

What a better way to remember an event all be it a wedding, class reunion, birthday party, corporate event or any occasion.

Slow Motion Video Booth is much more interactive than a photo booth.  Instead of thinking of poses to do, you just do the silliest thing you can think of in that moment.  The sillier the better.  If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.