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Up Lighting

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Up Lights Create the Mood

 Up Lights are lights that sit on the floor and shine up ward on a wall, pole, or on pipe and drape.   Lighting is all about creating or setting the mood.   Up Lighting with a monogram would be especially relevant to creating mood.

First of all, lighting helps create the mood for any setting.  Think about it.  The movies has low lights to set the mood for the movie.  Fancy restaurants typically have low lighting to set the mood for intimacy.

Up Lights has the same effect.  In addition, you can change the color of the up lights with a controller.

Rather than having the same color of lights through out your wedding reception, we highly recommend a light controller.

While dinner is going on, you can have one color, maybe your wedding colors.  After dinner, you can change to another set of colors to help set the mood for the formal portions like first dance and cake cutting.

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Up Lights Change Colors?

Most of all, with a light controller, you can really turn up the energy during your dancing portion of the reception.

Your DJ should have some additional lighting for the dance floor, but the up lights will help accent the dance floor lighting.

Also the up lights could sync with the music.  That means the up lights change colors that corresponds with the beat of the music.  Or your DJ may just change the lights themselves when it comes time for the dancing.

As a result, the mood is created to get people out on the dance floor.   This may inspire your guests who normally do not dance, to get out and dance.  They feel compelled to with all the lights going.

In conclusion, up lighting will help create the mood during your dinner, during the formalities and during dancing.  If ambiance and setting the mood is important to you then you will definitely want to get some up lights.

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