How would you like your wedding reception to set the standard for receptions in the minds of your guests for the rest of their lives?

Can you picture what your wedding reception will look like in your venue? I’m sure your venue is gorgeous and just perfect for you and your reception except…  well it’s just one thing missing, AMBIEANCE!

Lighting creates the mood for any and everything. If you are at the library, the lights are bright but not exciting.  Bright enough to keep you awake.  The lighting for a suave dinner restaurant would be dimmer.  And if you are at a club, the lighting there is dark but with colorful lights shinning and spinning around.

Now the question to ask yourself is what type of lighting does your venue have and does it capture the mood and feel you are looking for your wedding reception? Which one of the above mentioned descriptions fits your venue’s lighting, come one now be honest.  Probably the suave dinner restaurant type feel.  But if you are wanting a party, is that the right type of lighting for partying?

This is when you need to look into up lighting. We recently did a wedding with up lighting and it created the mood of fun, dancing, and creating memories.  The lighting at your wedding reception will stand out in the mind of your guests probably as long as they live.  Think of how much of an impression that is.

We typically wait for the room to fill up first before turning on the lighting. This reception hall opened the doors right before 7 pm for the guests to trickle in to sit for the coming events.  After waiting for  about 15-20 minutes for the guests to get situated at their table and seats, we hit the up lights.


We placed 14 up lights throughout the facility. We placed 2 up lights on 4 columns that surrounded the dance floor.  And the remaining 6 we put behind the head table on pipe and drape.

When the lights came on the air literally got sucked out of the room. It is one of the best sounds a group of people can collectively make.  And that is what you want with your wedding.  The guests at that wedding will remember that moment for a very long time.

That is the type of impact you should like to make on your guests, providing the WOW moment. Up lighting is definitely the way to differentiate your wedding in the minds of your guests versus the ones they have already been too and the ones they will go to after yours.  That is powerful!

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