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Have you Ever Heard of a Vivid Monogram?

Vivid Monogram is the latest trend for monograms.  It takes your monogram and adds another dimension to it by putting it in motion.

Take your wedding, corporate, birthday, retirement, school dance or any private event to the next level!

Opposite the traditional monogram, a vivid Monogram adds another dimension.  Your vivid monogram animates your name, initials, special design or numbers to your particular monogram to give it some flare.  If you are looking to start the trend versus following it, then you need to look no further.

Are you a Trend Setter?

In addition, this type of monogram is a trend that is taking the east and west coast by storm.  As a result, the Midwest lags behind the coast because we are always playing catch up to the coasts “newest” trends.

Furthermore, this trend is still somewhat new because of the technology.  Unlike the regular monogram, the vivid monogram is not displayed on a wall, ceiling, floor or pipe and drape.

Vivid Monogram On Display

This type of monogram is displayed on a TV or a monitor.  Hopefully one that is a larger screen like a 30 inch.  With our experience, we would display this monitor where the most people could see it which is usually in the front of the room.

Most of all, the vivid is customized to reflect the style of the clients that select them.  As our client you would select the font and design.  Some are more fancier than others yet all have a type of sophistication and elegance to them.  Our programmers design each monogram to the specifications for each client to ensure the best design possible.

In conclusion, monograms rather vivid or regular, provide a unique touch to your wedding reception and or corporate event.


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