If you have ever watched music videos, you know they have one character trait in common, slow motion. When you play things back in slow motion, it can make something that seemed so mundane, into the coolest thing you have ever seen.

You got to check out your favorite artist video, right now on YouTube, a lot of their videos will have some type of slow motion scene in it somewhere.

Dave Chappell actually did a skit on his show about slow motion. He showed what it would be like to walk through a club in regular time and then he showed what it would be like in slow motion.  Everything was WAY cooler.

Walking, talking, even dancing, or spilling a drink in this skit looked way cooler in slow motion. Now let’s take that concept and put it in a photo booth.  This is called slow motion video booth.  It is the latest trend for the young and hip millennials getting hitched now.

If you were thinking about getting a photo booth at your wedding reception, then you may want to consider a slow motion video booth. These are the latest trends for wedding reception.  They take the photo booth literally to the next level.

Just imagine all of your guests gathered around the booth. The table next to the booth is loaded with all kind of silly and crazy props.  Instead of your guests just posing to take a picture, now it is time for them to get creative.  Slow motion video booths record 10-15 seconds per person or group that decides to get in the booth.  Everything that is done in the booth is recorded but in slow motion.


Flapping your lips together, or punching someone in the face, or even spraying someone in the face with water looks WAY cooler in slow motion. So your guests record these short clips all night long.  Then the company providing the service will take the best clips from that night and play them over music.  It is literally like having your own personal music video starring you and your friends and family.

Now, how much cooler is that than a photo booth?