Lighting is one of the most impactful investments you can make in your wedding.
From fairylights and candles to uplighters and spots, paying a little attention to your wedding lighting can add drama, ambience, and really draw attention to an ornate venue or make a simple setting, all the more special.
A little goes a long way with lighting, and even the most impressive-looking rig-ups can be surprisingly simple. While many areas of wedding decor (bunting, flowers, origami or pom poms) take a lot to make a big impression, being creative, or hiring professionals to accent your space with lighting, could be all the decoration you need.

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Nothing transforms a space quite like the right lighting.  Candles, string lights, light bulbs, colored lights and lanterns all create ambiance and add warmth to indoor and outdoor weddings alike.

Below are 10 magical lighting ideas that will leave your guests positively spellbound.


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