If you are planning a wedding, you should be aware of all the unexpected costs that may pop up which seem out of nowhere.  There are SO MANY details with planning a wedding that it is easy to overlook those “hidden cost”.  Here are just a few things to think of if you have not all ready- overtime, vendor meals, non-approved vendors, gratuity are just a few.  The purpose of this blog isn’t to stress you out but to inform you so you may be best prepared.  Relax, breathe in and out very slowly, keep an open mind and get ready to take some notes…


1.  Alterations

Alterations is the only way to help you feel completely confident in your wedding dress.  When you are picking out your dress, keep alterations in mind for your budge for your dress.  Alterations aren’t cheap and can cost several hundred dollars.  Stores that have dresses that come off the rack will help you save money on the front end which can free up money in the back end for alterations. 


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