Cozy and trustworthy, Niagara dominates the PANTONE Fashion color report as the most preferred color for the summer of 2017.  

The desire to relax and take it easy, is very easily expressed when it comes to the timeless denim- like blue that is Niagara.

Blue is a very popular color for weddings and Pantone is even more popular because of it’s soothing nature.

Of the three most popular shades of blue for the summer of 2017, Niagara seems to demand the most attention.

It’s chic and very sophisticated which helps make it go well with some of the traditional colors like white, blush and cranberry.  Check out the top 5 Niagara blue wedding color combinations that might work for your big day in 2017!

long windsor blue chiffon bridesmaid dress with straps swbd030

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Balloons can trigger memories from your past birthday parties, proms, homecoming, and other important yet festive events.  You can go for a huge pop of color using different color balloons, or you can use some gentle pastel colors which happen to be the “in” thing for this season.  You may even choose to decorate your balloons with stars, flowers or even glitter.  You will be hard pressed to find a guest that did love the balloon ideas.  Check out some ideas below.  Enjoy!


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Perfect 10 Color Combination Ideas to Love for Wedding Colors 2016

Selecting the “perfect” colors for your wedding can be somewhat stressful.  However, once those colors are brought together, they can make such beautiful combinations.  In fact, this year, some people have expanded the wedding color palettes which include some metallics and winery greens.  What do you think of these color combinations?  Are they something that your are daring enough to try?

wedding color trends 2016 navy blue and blush

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Wedding pictures are something that last a lifetime.  Most wedding images you have seen in your life are pretty typical.  What I mean by that is that there is no action in the picture.  They have just “regular” poses.  “Regular” poses are ok, I guess.  But why not add some pissaze to your wedding pictures?

Remember, these are pictures you will have for the rest of your life, why not add some fun to them?  If you and your future spouse are fun people, why not take some fun pictures.  These pictures in this blog are designed to give you some good ideas for your poses.  Take your bridal party pictures to the next level with some fun, crazy, and creative pictures.

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There are literally hundreds of photographers in my area, how do I know how to pick the right one for me?

You may want to check in at bridal shows or ask some friends about who they used when they got married.   You can always check online for what comes up in your area.  After you get a list of some names and do some light research, then it is time to narrow that list down.  The ones remaining after you have narrowed the list are who you would want to make an appointment with. 

When you set up a meeting, make sure you are meeting with the actual photographer versus a consultant or the owner of the studio itself.  Trust is a key ingredient to any relationship, especially with a photographer so that they can capture your best you.  Liking their pictures is simply one aspect of their work.  You should also like them since you will be spending a lot of time with them throughout your wedding day. 

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Walking down the aisle is one of the most important occasion that every girl dreams of. This significant milestone in life deserves an equally significant photographer. We are very proud to present “Perez Photography” – a member of MO wedding’s 100 Most Influential Wedding Photographers.

About Tanya & Cesar of Perez Photography: We are a husband and wife photography team based out of the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas. We have photographed weddings in Dallas, all across the nation, and around the world for the last eight years. We feel blessed to be doing what we love together, meeting so many amazing people and getting to visit places we only ever dreamed of.

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Your special day is one of those times that you’ll be dressed in your best, looking all spiffy alongside your not only your new partner, but also your nearest and dearest too.  So take a few super cute and somewhat silly pics with your loved ones to make sure that you have even more special memories to add to your photo wall after the big day.
Wedding Photo Ideas and Poses - Bridesmaids (4)
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