Are you trying to figure out if you are going to serve salmon or chicken for a sit down dinner?  That is fine, but food stations are the latest craze the allow the newlyweds to express themselves.  This creativity not only brings their personal element to the table, but guests LOVE the amazing variety and display of food that challenges the pickiest of eaters.

Your guests eyes will pop outside of their heads when they see food like sliders and fries, or for those sophisticated palates, oysters and ceviche, or shrimp and grits.  The choices are literally endless.  You are only limited by your tastes of foods and creativity.  Here are 23 food stations that you can use to help jump start your imagination to satisfy those taste buds of your guests.

Cheese and Wine:

Yes, this is a classic pair, but you can jazz up a station to go along with the couples favorite fromage and vino tandems.

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