What do you think about couples seeing each other and doing pictures before the ceremony?

There is not a right nor wrong answer to this question.  Every person is different and so are their weddings.  No two people are alike and nor should their weddings.
Some folks will promote the “traditional” belief of it being bad luck or that it is some how blasphemous for the groom to see the bride before hand.  The opposite end of the “traditional” belief is that such traditions are connected to the days when marriages were arranged and virgin brides were sold to older men.  This is tradition is the truth.  This was a tactic used to keep the old men from deciding a bride was not worth the price was going to pay and keep from backing out.

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There’s tons of ways to get creative when it comes to your wedding reception, but what really stands out as unique among the rest? Here’s some fun ideas for your celebration that may not have crossed your mind.
keg in a canoe
Yes- we know your wedding isn’t a college frat party. But wouldn’t it be awfully convenient to have the kegs out so guests could re-fill their own cups?
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