To invite children or not to invite children that is the question…
Do you plan on inviting children to your wedding?  This topic is a widely debated subject.  But ultimately, the choice is up to the bride and groom.  But if you do plan on NOT inviting children to your wedding, here are some ways you can do it without sounding harsh or inconsiderate.
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Who, What, Where- Keep Your Guests Involved with a Wedding Schedule
Waiting around is something guests typically do for weddings.   If you want to keep your guests all the way until the end of your wedding, then you must entertain them and keep them informed as to what is happening.  This way they will be able to take part in all of the super cool wedding activities you planned for them.
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If you have a wedding coming up, the colors you may choose could literally come from anywhere.  You may already have a color that you want, but what color will it work good with?  Don’t worry is you don’t know exactly what your wedding colors will be.  This article is designed to inspire your creative juices so you can find the best wedding trends for 2017.
chic elegant and rustic white and green wedding color ideas 2017 trends
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If you have been together for a while or questioning whether you should go or stay, here are some tough questions to
Regardless of your current relationship status, it is nice to know where one another stands.  Here are 20 tough questions to ask your mate before moving forward.  The goal is to stay married, not just get married.
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How to stock the bar for a beer and wine wedding. From Bold American Events.:

As one of the biggest trends for year 2016, greenery wedding ideas will be continuously popular in 2017.

If you are planning on getting married in 2017, then now is the time to start planning.  There are some different trends for 2017 that you just might want to use next year.  Elegant yet sophisticated, chic, fresh and absolutely fabulous.

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Are you trying to figure out if you are going to serve salmon or chicken for a sit down dinner?  That is fine, but food stations are the latest craze the allow the newlyweds to express themselves.  This creativity not only brings their personal element to the table, but guests LOVE the amazing variety and display of food that challenges the pickiest of eaters.

Your guests eyes will pop outside of their heads when they see food like sliders and fries, or for those sophisticated palates, oysters and ceviche, or shrimp and grits.  The choices are literally endless.  You are only limited by your tastes of foods and creativity.  Here are 23 food stations that you can use to help jump start your imagination to satisfy those taste buds of your guests.

Cheese and Wine:

Yes, this is a classic pair, but you can jazz up a station to go along with the couples favorite fromage and vino tandems.

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Lemon Meringue Shooters

If you are looking for the latest trend for party food for your reception or any other social type event, then you should try shooters.  You can literally put anything in a shooter and turn it into something elegant.  From French fries to grilled cheese, the presentation of the food creates a look to where you forget you are eating French fries or grilled cheese.

Beverages are no exception to shooters either.  You can put milkshakes or hot chocolate with a mini donut in your shooters.  It doesn’t matter the treat.  You can even put a shot of margarita with salt and lime on the rim, YUM!  There is no doubt that your guests will be talking about your fancy wedding food for years to come.

Desserts are perfect for being served in shooters. Sometimes a huge piece of cake is more than most people want, nowadays. But a small shooter-filled goodie can be just the right       size!

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