Cozy and trustworthy, Niagara dominates the PANTONE Fashion color report as the most preferred color for the summer of 2017.  

The desire to relax and take it easy, is very easily expressed when it comes to the timeless denim- like blue that is Niagara.

Blue is a very popular color for weddings and Pantone is even more popular because of it’s soothing nature.

Of the three most popular shades of blue for the summer of 2017, Niagara seems to demand the most attention.

It’s chic and very sophisticated which helps make it go well with some of the traditional colors like white, blush and cranberry.  Check out the top 5 Niagara blue wedding color combinations that might work for your big day in 2017!

long windsor blue chiffon bridesmaid dress with straps swbd030

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If you have a wedding coming up, the colors you may choose could literally come from anywhere.  You may already have a color that you want, but what color will it work good with?  Don’t worry is you don’t know exactly what your wedding colors will be.  This article is designed to inspire your creative juices so you can find the best wedding trends for 2017.
chic elegant and rustic white and green wedding color ideas 2017 trends
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As one of the biggest trends for year 2016, greenery wedding ideas will be continuously popular in 2017.

If you are planning on getting married in 2017, then now is the time to start planning.  There are some different trends for 2017 that you just might want to use next year.  Elegant yet sophisticated, chic, fresh and absolutely fabulous.

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The details of the brides wedding happens months before it ever appears in the physical form.  Brides typically can spend months thinking over what style of dress will she wear to what type of entertainment she may want.  Every napkin in it’s proper place, along with every guests so that everyone is pleasant on this day of happiness.
You would think everything and everyone is account for, right?  Well, unless you specify there might be children attending your wedding.  Especially parents with multiple children because it is almost impossible to find a babysitter that you can trust to watch over you precious little angels… but none the less, they should have fun too.
Here are things you may want to try to keep the children entertained so that the adults can have fun too!
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No matter of seasons, a rustic themed wedding is always popular among brides. For those brides that go for big extravagant wedding cakes or various kinds of dessert and drinks, what you need is a wedding bar, the perfect way to offer fine dining without sacrificing personality. We have gathered 24 creative wedding food bar ideas for you, make sure your menu looks as good as it tastes by opting for a food station at your reception or cocktail hour!
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1. Shot Station

Do you want to take your wedding reception to the next level?  If so, then you must have food stations!  They are the HOTTEST new trend in the catering world.  Your guest will literally love your for this and will NEVER forget how great the food and the presentation was from your reception.  Food stations give you the ooze upscale without the feel of those cafeteria lines from your elementary school days.  Food stations is all about the presentation of the food itself which only helps it stand out even more in the minds of your guests.  Check out some food station ideas that you may choose to incorporate into your wedding reception.

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Stars are things we shoot for.  They are far and distant whether we are thinking about celebrities or actual stars.  They can be very romantic when the night sky is clear to see the twinkling light of the stars.  This article shows you how you can add that type of twinkle to your wedding.

1. You can either make a luxury starry night sky ceiling for your wedding ceremony, or simply choose a beautiful string lights or star backdrop or for your evening wedding.

starry night inspired purple wedding decor ideas

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Purple is a very noble and symbolic color.  Only a few have dare tried to use purple as their wedding color.  This wedding is something Prince would be proud of.