Everyone knows the bride is the focal point of a wedding.  So much information designed to help the bride to know what to do and when to do it.  But what about the groom?  There isn’t much information dedicated to the groom from a grooms perspective.  Well, this article is designed specifically for the groom from a grooms point of view.
groom and groomsmen

Wow, is it here already? It’s ridiculous that it got here so fast. But here you are, staring into the Abyss of Impending Matrimony. Time to tie up a few loose ends.
This day will sneak up on you quicker than any day you have ever experienced.  The reason I say sneak is because grooms have little information specific to their needs.  So not knowing what to do for the groom is common place.  Here are some tips to help you focus on the BIGGEST day of you and your better half, lives.
1. Sleep.  Don’t try to stay up all night.  You need your rest to make sure you are ready. 

2. Turn off Your Electronics.
This means no social media, video games or internet of any kind.  Your job is to focus on your wedding.  Visualize your wedding and what it will feel like.
3.  Get Your Things Ready for the Big Day.
You will want to make sure you have everything ready for tomorrow.  Preparing the night before will make your mind more at ease the next day, trust me.
4. Surprise your bride.
Hand write a love not or give her a small gift.  This will help her ease her mind which ultimately works better for you.
5. Read your vows.
And then read them again. Practice makes perfect.
g 3
6. Make sure you eat light.
Being able to be limber and flexible is what you would want to feel like.  Over eating leaves you filling full inside and not very good, especially when everyone will be looking at you.
7. Drink light.
If you’re drinking the night before, keep it under control. Wedding day hangovers suck.  Having a hangover is absolutely no way to enjoy the biggest and probably the most expensive day of your life.   Be responsible.
8. Take Charge.
Delegate those last minute minor issues.
9. Reminisce.
You’re actually going to marry that girl tomorrow. Awesome. Take a moment to reflect on that.
10. Be Calm like water
Spend some quiet time with your bride or buddies. No partying, just talking.  Break tradition and see your wife before hand.  Talk with her or your groomsmen.  No need to be amped up at this point in the day.

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