Planning a wedding is tough, tough, really tough work. After putting so much time and effort into making everything absolutely perfect, you would hope that your hard work pays off by how your guests enjoy themselves at your wedding.

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Lemon Meringue Shooters

If you are looking for the latest trend for party food for your reception or any other social type event, then you should try shooters.  You can literally put anything in a shooter and turn it into something elegant.  From French fries to grilled cheese, the presentation of the food creates a look to where you forget you are eating French fries or grilled cheese.

Beverages are no exception to shooters either.  You can put milkshakes or hot chocolate with a mini donut in your shooters.  It doesn’t matter the treat.  You can even put a shot of margarita with salt and lime on the rim, YUM!  There is no doubt that your guests will be talking about your fancy wedding food for years to come.

Desserts are perfect for being served in shooters. Sometimes a huge piece of cake is more than most people want, nowadays. But a small shooter-filled goodie can be just the right       size!

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Balloons can trigger memories from your past birthday parties, proms, homecoming, and other important yet festive events.  You can go for a huge pop of color using different color balloons, or you can use some gentle pastel colors which happen to be the “in” thing for this season.  You may even choose to decorate your balloons with stars, flowers or even glitter.  You will be hard pressed to find a guest that did love the balloon ideas.  Check out some ideas below.  Enjoy!


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1. A great way to keep track of the gifts people give you is to write their names on a stick label while you are opening gifts.

When you are in the midst of planning your wedding, it can be very exciting, however, it is those unexpected moments that make it that make that much more memorable.  Even the most prepped and prepared bride can’t see every slider coming her way.  Here are some wedding planning tips that can help minimize the amount of surprises you may encounter. 

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The very reason you have a wedding in the first place is to share the love that you have for your future spouse with your friends and family.  Since you are sharing this with your friends and family, prepare for their complaints before your wedding.  Doing this will help you avoid those complaints after your wedding is over.

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An empty dance floor at a wedding can be a bigger buzz kill than having a cash bar.  In a perfect world, you envision your guests out on the dance floor tearing it up and having a great time.  But how exactly do you get the party started and to continue all night long?  Here is some advice from some wedding insiders to unpack getting the party started.
1.  Everyone follows the bride
If the bride is out on the dance floor, then your guest will be on the dance floor.  If the bride is out mingling with people, then the dance floor will most likely be empty.
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Everyone knows the bride is the focal point of a wedding.  So much information designed to help the bride to know what to do and when to do it.  But what about the groom?  There isn’t much information dedicated to the groom from a grooms perspective.  Well, this article is designed specifically for the groom from a grooms point of view.
groom and groomsmen
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What do you think about couples seeing each other and doing pictures before the ceremony?

There is not a right nor wrong answer to this question.  Every person is different and so are their weddings.  No two people are alike and nor should their weddings.
Some folks will promote the “traditional” belief of it being bad luck or that it is some how blasphemous for the groom to see the bride before hand.  The opposite end of the “traditional” belief is that such traditions are connected to the days when marriages were arranged and virgin brides were sold to older men.  This is tradition is the truth.  This was a tactic used to keep the old men from deciding a bride was not worth the price was going to pay and keep from backing out.

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